Mac eyeshadow wet n wild dupes

From the MAC Lipstick dupes video:. From the lip color dupes video: Prices weren't listed - these are googled estimates.

Top 10 Drugstore Makeup Dupes of 2017

From the blush dupe video:. From the dupes for highend highlights video:. From the Urban Decay Naked Basics dupe video:. Dupes for individual colors below, followed by entire palettes. She names these as "close enoughs" - aka not exact dupes basically for just in case you happen to already have these. This is another fantastic video that shows some drugstore favorites before these dupes at the end I priced these as well :.

Thank God I'm Pretty: MASSIVE Wet N Wild Comparisons, Swatches & Suggested High-End Dupes UPDATED!

She has a ton of videos on her channel from her yearly awards to tips and tricks to brand reviews. Again, I may try to look into some other videos by other people this week and either add on or post another thread.

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Feel free to add anything else! Pre-edit : There' has to be typos, especially at the end cocktails will do that!

MAC Satin Taupe Eyeshadow vs. Dupes ?

I apologize. Enjoy your money saving ladies and gents! Thanks for compiling this!

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  • Bargain Beauty: Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio – Walking on Eggshells?
  • Wet N' Wild Dupes For MAC Eyeshadows | Make-up Dupes | Makeup dupes, Eyeshadow dupes, Mac dupes.

It must have taken some effort to put together. Quite a while between the videos and this post, but I'm trying to get into makeup and skincare so it's information I really needed and wanted to pass along! Popular high end makeup or dupes discussion. Mac lingering brow crayon is a dupe for maybelline define a brow light blonde. The Essence liners are much more similar - they're actually GELS, are super soft, pigmented, and go on smoothly - all for the same price or cheaper?

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  • Wet ‘N Wild Who’s Carpooling? Color Icon Palette (Swatches & Dupes).
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Mememe, a UK brand, has a lot of benefit dupes, including dupes for high beam and moonbeam, a handful of blushes, and Benetint. There is also a pretty cute one I haven't tried yet on ebay called Cazador Peacock. MAC eyeshadow or dupe discussion.

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  • Savvy Selena!

The colors are extremely similar, but the texture of Rust is smoother. I love it! There's a color in the WnW Comfort Zone palette that is a near perfect dupe for mac's Blue Brown pigment I believe that's what it's called I would love it of she would post some dupes from the coastal scents hot pots! I'm sure there are tons!

Urban Decay Naked Basics or dupe discussion. Below are swatches of the palette. Scroll down to see names and more pictures. I'm sure there are plenty more out there but this is just within my collection. Even the sheen is similar. As you can see WnW is actually more pigmented with one swipe! Next is the second shade on the left. As you can see the WnW color has a slight redder undertone but they are pretty darn close!

I also tried Urban Decay's Smog but they were even more different. The darkest brown in this palette is very pretty and pigmented.


Wet n Wild Petal Pusher Palette and MAC Dupes – Smoky Eye

Moving over to the right side, I was pretty confident that MAC's Vex would be a perfect match since they are pretty much identical in the pan. My poor Vex is getting to the end of it's days! WnW left , Vex right. Although they look identical in the pan, the WnW shade is much more pigmented.

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I love Vex on the lid, but it really didn't swatch well. I also wonder if I would have been able to get a better swatch if I wasn't working with an almost empty pan! The third shade on the left looked a lot like Sumptuous Olive by MAC but when I swatched them, they were very different. My closest match was Darkhorse by Urban Decay.

Beauty, Skincare and Makeup by Melanie D.

Although they are not exact, when applied to the lid, I could not tell the difference! Darkhorse swatches a little warmer. This was actually the first color I wanted to swatch because it's so darn pretty. I was pretty sure this was going to be an exact dupe for MAC's Club but I was really surprised with the results!