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When The Kid gets bullied, Willie tries to give him some advice on toughening up. Marcus has doubts about Willie's ability to get his life together. A year later, Willie and Marcus are up to their old tricks again. After the department store closes, Willie and Marcus start fulfilling their Grinch-like ulterior motive. When Willie drives The Kid home, he finds some Christmas cheer of his own.

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The Aisle Seat - Bad Santa

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NCIS 5. Jane the Virgin 6. Grey's Anatomy 7. Even the minor roles are spot-on.

Foul-mouthed fun for the holidays

Alex Borstein as an annoyed mother, Octavia Spencer as an over-worked prostitute and the perfectly cast mall skater bully keep the film's hyperbolic plot grounded in familiarity. The brief interactions between Cox and Mac are just as hilarious as the first time they shared the screen as two tips of a love triangle in Friday. As it turns out, an innocent, developmentally ambiguous kid is the perfect straight man to play off an emotionally destructive alcoholic. And when Cox and Thornton share the screen the comedic timing is legendary. If not for their scheme which requires both their talents—Marcus' people handling and Willie's skills with cracking a safe—the two would rather not share each other's company.

Bad Santa: Things you never knew

The animosity is clear, as Cox relishes his role as Willie's mirror, telling him exactly what type of shit he is, each of his rants followed by increasingly depraved boughts of drunkenness. The lighthearted romance between Thornton and Lauren Graham, the bartender with a soft spot for Santa is on point as well. The relationship based on a shared interest in Old Grandad helps balance Willie out, keeping him from going full Leaving Las Vegas , planting seeds of actual humanness in his loathesome character. The weight of the movie, though, falls on the shoulders of Billy Bob and the kid, Willie and his adopted burden Thurman Merman.

Every scene the two share is a masterpiece of argument.

If the vulgarity with which Willie talks to Thurman offends you, you've never experienced just how truly annoying talking to kids can be. Bad Santa should've earned the kid who played Thurman an Oscar.

Of course, it didn't, but it did help him land a supporting role in Like Mike 2: Streetball , so I guess everything worked out. Naturally, because this is a holiday film after all, at some point we see a bit of the Grinch's heart.