Surface pro 3 commercial vs mac

There is a really pleasant snappy feedback when you press down on a key and the 71 grams of actuation force means your fingers won't slow down when you're typing fast.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 TV Commercial, 'Winter Wonderland'

Still, 0. The Surface Pro 6's optional Type Cover keyboard is excellent, and not just for a detachable. With 1.

The keys also have a subtle bump that lets you know when they've been pressed, and their 72 grams of actuation force is exactly what we look for in a good keyboard. The MacBook Air's 4. Both touchpads felt smooth and were very responsive when I executed gestures, like pinch-to-zoom. That sluggish processor means the MacBook Air couldn't transcode a 4K video to p resolution very quickly on our HandBrake test.

The Air took a leisurely 36 minutes and 6 seconds to complete the task, whereas the Surface Pro 6 needed only 23 minutes and 22 seconds.

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With a runtime of 9 hours and 20 minutes on our Laptop Mag battery test continuous web surfing over Wi-Fi at nits , the Surface Pro 6 lasts about a half hour longer than the MacBook Air Both survived longer than the category average We give the nod in this face-off to the excellent Surface Pro 6, which offers faster performance, longer battery life and a more comfortable keyboard than the MacBook Air.

The Pro 6 also starts at a lower price, even when you add the optional Type Cover keyboard. That makes it a better value but also means that it trips over the same hurdles as its predecessor, including the poor performance of its Y-series CPUs.

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We're also waiting on Apple to improve the MacBook Air's shallow and historically troublesome keyboard. In the end, the MacBook Air is a good option if you want a traditional clamshell laptop that runs macOS, but we prefer the Surface Pro 6 for its faster performance. I'm unsure why anyone but a new developer would try to develop on a tablet size thing like the 3 but I would be guessing they are new to such work.

That is, the developers I know like multiple displays and desktop power. Later they carry their work around on laptops. Thanks for your answer Bob! I do actually have a desktop setup with dual displays and I love it! But I need this laptop for my next project.

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  • For this project I need a laptop, because I will be traveling a lot. Lenovo yp 2.

    Surface Laptop 2 vs. MacBook Pro | Digital Trends

    Nexus 7 first gen 3. An android phone. Why all that? Our office works on apps and that what it takes to demo and for android seems about right for development. At the office I hook up a second big screen. Unless you're the modern day nomad freelance graphics artist who basically lives in airports and hotels, get a desktop and then you can have a tablet or something to show the finished product on. While I doubt the Surface stylus support would live up to a dedicated bit of hardware for graphics artists, it'd probably be perfectly suitable for doing a quick mockup of proposed changes to an image on the spot in the client's office.

    So if you don't have a permanent residence and can't really carry a desktop around with you, the software is what you're wanting to look at.

    The hardware that runs it will be of secondary concern. Is there any benefit to Adobe Creative Suite programs on Windows vs. OS X or the other way around? If so, do you give a gerbil's rear about any of them and how much?

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    That will make the decision making process much easier, since as I'm sure you know there's absolutely nothing to the myth that Macs are somehow better for graphic development. Some people cite a better color gamut on their displays, but I counter with how you should be designing your work based on how it will look on the majority of people's systems. It doesn't matter if you think Windows looks drab and the colors washed out, that's what most people will be using to look at your work with, so you should make sure your work look good under those conditions.

    Graphics artists, IMO, should always have some really crappy quality display for doing their work on. Matt Weinberger.

    Surface Pro 3 vs MacBook Air: Connectivity

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