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I confuse Ctrl-f and Ctrl-s all the time. Many other bindings are easily confusable.

How to Type the Escape Key on iPad Keyboard

I'd actually like Firefox to be customisable instead of a hack like this. I'll probably just switch to the Next browser [1] in the future though. It makes a lot of sense for big pieces of text. Heavy vim users are super fast navigating trough text. The reason I don't see the benefit is that, if a piece of text is long enough that I prefer using vim over just typing in the text box, then I probably want to actually save a copy to disk in case clicking "submit" doesn't go through.

So I might as well actually use vim at that point. That's how it works worked with It's All Text! Text area gets updated on write to the file. Normally you don't need to see or worry about the intermediate files, but in case anything goes awry, you still have the option.

I'm looking forward to using this for writing JIRA tickets.

4 ESC Escape Key Options for iPad Keyboards

Their text boxes override some mac key bindings that are deep in my muscle memory. Want move back a space?

Oops, ctrl-b in this text box makes text bold. Jump to the start of the line, well ctrl-a now inserts a link. There's something just so annoying about that, it makes me bristle at using jira in general. Vim and other editors offer powerful editing macros that ease bulk text operations.

Simple things like text substitution across hundreds of lines save so much time. It's not vim, but many terminal-based keyboard shortcuts are already available across OS X without installing anything. These are Emacs shortcuts, not Vim. They're available in bash the default MacOS shell because bash uses the readline library.

Why not? You can use these shortcuts across OS X. That includes your web browser and any other GUI you have on your machine I use them heavily in notational velocity. They work anywhere there's a system-provided text field. There's tons more that can be customized here. You can even have it put the current vi mode in your prompt and stuff like that.

Bash and zsh also have vim mode. The bash mode is more like vi though. I think this is for the people who want more than just a couple vi-like motion keys. Five of your seven shortcuts are for emacs[0], not vim. Right, I just thought it was interesting enough to point out how there are many navigation shortcuts that are built into OS X. Useful even when you're using someone else's computer.

All seven are default keybindings in Emacs. Which two did you believe weren't? I believe ctrl-n and ctrl-p work in vim. Oh, I see. I had forgotten that. They do also work in Emacs and I wouldn't be surprised to learn that their use in Emacs predates Vim. I've been using those commands in Emacs since the late 70s. Those are emacs-based shortcuts. Those OS X keybindings come from Emacs! I bet some vimmers would refuse to use them just on principle. I'm a vimmer and always use readline bindings in "insert" mode context. I find using vim bindings on the commandline to be infuriating.

Some folks find vim bindings to be just as bad to edit text grin I don't actually agree: I think that vim's text-editing language is actually nicer than emacs's is. But I use emacs — with its bindings, not vim's — because after almost thirty years it's what I'm used to. Haha, I've never been interested in the whole vim vs. I just started with vim and a little too invested in it now. It definitely drives me nuts that it loads entire files into memory and that is the one thing that has made me tempted to switch.

It rarely affects me but every once in a while when I accidentally open a massive file in vim and have to wait, I dream of emacs. Oh, if you like those bindings in insert mode, you are probably already aware of Tim Pope's vim-rsi [1] plugin. If not, check it out, it might have some interesting bindings you aren't using yet. I'm absolutely aware of it and was gonna mention it but figured I'd said enough : When I said "insert" I meant like, "insert mode" everywhere else but vim : But yes, RSI is a great plugin as are most of tpope's plugins.

Also, you mentioning it made me realize I never starred the repo, so thanks, haha! Thanks so much for this. I usually use Karabiner for the same thing. Do you know anyway to get the same behaviour on Linux and Gnome at all? Bonus: This works anywhere xorg is available. I use something like this but I initialize the file with the contents of the clipboard.

I use xclip but I think xsel can do the same. It's fantastic! I use this every day and it works great. Thanks for the effort you put into it!

FAQ - iTerm2 - macOS Terminal Replacement

I love the idea! I often open up vim to edit some stuff, save it in a temp file, then copy it. I never realised I needed a more streamlined version but after seeing this it hit me like a brick. I don't think I need that much scaffolding, though. I just knocked this together:! Theodores on Feb 16, No Windows version, where I need it.

I note this software could be upgraded to work with Windows now there is that Ubuntu subsystem in there somewhere. Perhaps a better way would be to modify the accessibility tools - StickyKeys etc. Much easier.

There are vim builds for Windows, both graphical and terminal. You don't need to use the linux subsystem for that. Meanwhile, the Escape key on popular keyboards is getting smaller and smaller :. It's guaranteed to work on vim on any system unlike caps lock , and it keeps my fingers closer to home row.