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Originally Posted by Ckkb But much to my dismay nothing would load over the network. The AirPort icon in the status bar showed the name of the network and indicated that I was connected to the access point, but I had no connection to the Internet. After a brief bit of trying over and over to load a web page, I checked the network preferences in the apple system preferences panel and found that I was not getting an IP address.

The Mac was self-assigning a After finishing my day of activities, I drove home this evening and fired my laptop back up. Hmm, definitely the laptop.

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I started thinking now. What could be happening?

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I finally decided to take a look at the Mac firewall logs. Thank you! Happy with it. Longtime fan of ease-of-use of VLC. However, since switching to late iMac Retina 5K , I find the colors super-saturated.

No amount of tinkering with settings can get natural colors. They have a free version as well.

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I am using Elmedia Player Pro, great features and it can add external audio and subtitles to the video easy. Also available in the Mac App store.

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Movist is great if you care for battery life — its resource use is much lower than e. Plenty of other players can, and they have better GUIs as well.

IBM Notes for Mac OS X is there (yeah, you read it correctly, ) – {ghibinnechmemag.gar}

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