Ejecting disc from mac pro

Mac OS X - Force Ejecting a CD

I had a problem where nothing worked. So I went into the terminal and spammed it 15 times.

  1. What to do if CD / DVD Drive on my Mac keeps ejecting every CD / DVD.
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Slowly it came out. Taking my mac in for a check, something was making it stick. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Follow Us. Topics Disk DVD. Share Tweet Flip It. Shannon Townsend says:. Sheila Berry Hudson says:. Ihsan Mohammad Ali says:. Samuel Mwangi says:. Liz says:.

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Lorraine D says:. Nelson says:. Drenna says:. Nov 12, AM. I posted on the last post on this subject and noticed my post posted last, not that I deserve any special awards or anything but I hope this idea can help someone whom has had problems ejecting a disc using a Macbook Pro. Jan 6, AM. Mar 28, AM.

To eject a physically stuck disc or broken disc drive you will want to either send it in to apple and pay through the nose, or save yourself the trouble and buy a windows computer which all have a manual disc eject method that involves a paperclip. Apple must have not heard about this feature as it was invented around Just kidding, they know all about the disc eject holes but they won't let you have them because then they couldn't charge you to fix it.

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How to Eject a CD That Doesn't Show Up on the Desktop on a Mac | It Still Works

Press the Eject button on your keyboard. Click on the Eject button in the menubar. View answer in context. Loading page content. User profile for user: Templeton Peck Templeton Peck. User profile for user: Ralph Landry1 Ralph Landry1.

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Aug 5, PM in response to Metsphan23 In response to Metsphan23 You can restart holding the mouse, trackpad, button down, drag the CD to the trashcan, find the CD in disk utility and click on it then Eject. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Aug 5, PM in response to Metsphan23 In response to Metsphan23 Is not even reading it, I have try a few options, and when I tried to restart It would almost not turn in on.

Apr 16, AM in response to Metsphan23 In response to Metsphan23 you dont have to reboot it, click the icon then just hold the trackpad with your two fingers then something will pop out "eject cd" like "eject NBA 2k13" , if there's no icon in the desktop you should call the apple support. User profile for user: Tangoev Tangoev. Aug 5, AM in response to Metsphan23 In response to Metsphan23 Best answer is to press the eject buton the keyboard.

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Top right on the MacBookPro. User profile for user: sureshtrb sureshtrb.

How to Eject a CD from a Mac

User profile for user: Simon Allen Simon Allen Aug 19, PM in response to sureshtrb In response to sureshtrb No one has mentioned the obvious. User profile for user: Icurez Icurez. Thank you!

User profile for user: Tq1 Tq1. Nov 12, AM in response to Metsphan23 In response to Metsphan23 After reading some of the info on how to eject, and due to all the wonderful help you all have provided to me, I am glad I am finally able to contribute something!! I found out using my Macbook Pro, I experimented for a while and guess what? Press Control E, and it actually worked. I hope someone can use this since this is my first input.

Love you guys and gals!!!