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Many third-party network drives come with Time Machine support, but you could press an older Mac into service instead. The advantages of this are numerous. Firstly, you can plug in and swap out external storage, so you never have to worry about running out of room.

Thirdly, external drives perform much quicker when plugged directly into a Mac particularly if it has USB 3. Your Mac will need to be running OS X If your old Mac is running either OS X This will open the Mac App Store and show you the correct version of Server for your system 2. Things are a bit easier if your old Mac is running Yosemite.

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You can create a bootable installer for OS X Lion by following the instructions from sites like Egg Freckles , but how do you install the unique Lion Server parts? You'll require an active internet connection to do this as it connects to Apple's servers, validates the machines eligibility, then proceeds to download the needed installer files. After the installation is complete and the machine restarts, you'll be back to a clean machine all ready for the initial setup process. So, lets say you want to make a bootable Lion Server installer so you don't have to download the full 4GB the next time you need to do a clean re install.

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You should boot to Recovery Mode and be presented with the normal options. There are differences in filesizes and modification date on the other packages but they are all quite minor. Clair says:. November 29, at pm. Sarab says:.

How to Install Mac OS Server on a Mac Mini

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Explaining the Mac OS X Lion Clean Install

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