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The last OS version that is officially supported with Live 9 is Although Live 9 may work with See "One-time notifications with One-time notifications with No longer present with Live Live 9: Live 9.

To install the certificate:

Max for Live: The latest version of Max for Live. Known Issues: If Live prompts you to re-authorize every time its launched, follow these instructions to modify the Options. If you're getting this prompt to enter your login information: ""Ableton Live 9 wants to make changes. Enter your password to allow this", follow these instructions. You can see what apps and processes are running on you Mac and their memory usage using Activity Monitor. You can find Activity monitor in your Utilities folder, fire it up to see which processess are using your systems resources.

NeoFinder Users Guide

Before you start quitting processes check out this great list of common OS X processes. This feature applies to all applications and the finder itself, while definitely welcome addition to the OS there is no doubt that on older machines could suffer from the extra burden.

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Check that your apps are compatible using this handy App Compatibility Table. For many web browsers are the most resource hungry applications they use.

MOTIF XS Extension V for Mac OS X - Yamaha - United States

Aside from the obvious tips like clearing the cache and closing unused tabs, extension have been reported as causing slow downs with Lion AdBlock in Safari being the cause of one commenters pain. Try disabling them to see if they are the thorn in your Lions paw.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard: System Preferences — Personal (part 1)

Select the extension in the left hand column that you wish to disable then click the Uninstall button in the main window. With the introduction of full screen apps and Mission Control in Lion, its easier than ever for your mac to get bogged down with unused spaces, windows and apps. Stay organised and streamlined by closing unused applications, windows and spaces. Login items can be handy but they do effect boot up times and often costume resources while unused. This can become even more of a problem if you have Auto resume enabled. To turn off Login items.

Screen rotation option is not available on Mac OS X

Spotlight automatically indexes the contents of your Mac in the early hours each morning. But if you turn your Mac off at night Spotlight may not have had a chance to reindex. Spotlight will reindex the volume. The role of Ram in system performance really cannot be overstated.

Main Revisions and Enhancements

If your Mac is upgradable and you can afford it increasing your Ram is the single biggest thing you can do to speed up Lion. A full hard disk and insufficient Ram is the recipe for an extremely lethargic Mac. And it does a ton more, too. You can read more about it here.

How to find system preferences on a Mac? Usually they named in this manner: com. Now, if you have an application that works incorrectly, you can find the corresponding preference file in the above-mentioned folder and remove it from there.

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On the next launch of the application, it will recreate a default version of that file and then begin working properly. It's highly advised that you make a copy of the preference file before you delete it, just in case something goes wrong.

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