Mac os remove java completely

It's safe to remove them once you know everything else works. Same is true for Eclipse. Netbeans works fine.

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Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? For some reason, IntelliJ is compiling with 8 even though: I have the compiler set in Preferences to use 1. Rob Rob 7, 6 29 Why do you want to use JDK 6?

How to Remove or Uninstall Java (JRE) on Windows and Mac

It has been EOL'd, see oracle. JDK7 on Mac is still a mess. Have had a lot of issues with it. But I would take 7 at this point.

How to Uninstall Java on a Mac

Though, in case you didn't know, JetBrains is still saying they don't support it on mac..! I found it useful to reference homebrew-cask java formulas on how they uninstall jdk. I was able to unistall jdk 8 in mavericks successfully doing the following steps: Rachit Mishra 5, 3 23 Samuel Alpoim Samuel Alpoim 5, 1 7 4. This should be the accepted answer: Only problem is that now it won't let me install jdk7. I run the installer but the command line still says "No Java runtime present, requesting install" The first command is enough, no need to run the other two. This is really bad because you're also deleting the preference pane in System Preferences.

Just run the first command and leave the others out. Just to be clear, this is to uninstall all Java stuff. If you for some reason want to keep a different version of Java around, don't remove anything but the JDK itself first command. Make it really simple By doing it this way you are removing ALL java jdk's, not only 8.

This worked for me on High Sierra. How to install it again after such operations? Here's what I did to move to JDK 7. At this stage, you should see: I was able to install Oracle Java 8 and manage different Java versions on Ubuntu in under 5 minutes.

I think this will only work for your shell environment not the environment an app like Intellij gets when you double click its icon. Here is the official document about uninstalling the JDK.

Removing the Java JDK (Which May Not Be Installed)

Lonre Wang Lonre Wang 2, 1 13 Now Java is completely removed from your Windows system. On Macs, everything is pretty much the same, except for the uninstall process. You can see whether Java is installed on your Mac in pretty much the same way as Windows. Just open up System Preferences and check to see if there is a Java icon at the bottom.

How do I uninstall Java on my Mac?

Also, just as in Windows, you can choose to keep Java installed, but disable it in Safari if you like. The first way is to click on the Java icon in System Preferences, which will open the Java Control Panel , which looks exactly like the one in Windows. Click on the Security tab and then uncheck the Enable Java content in browser box. The other way is to disable Java in Safari directly.

Uninstall Java Using Command Line from Mac

To do that, open Safari and then go to Preferences. Click on the Security tab and then click on the Plug-in Settings button at the very bottom next to Internet plug-ins. You should see Java in the list and unchecking the box will disable Java in Safari. First, open up the Terminal by clicking on Spotlight and typing in Terminal or by going to Applications — Utilities and then Terminal. When you press enter, you will be asked to enter your administrator password. If you go and check in System Preferences, the Java icon should be gone.

Also, if you go to the plugins section in Safari, it will also be gone from the list of installed plugins. If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment.

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Uninstall JAVA in MAC 100% in 5 MIN

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