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You do it by holding down the Shift key during startup. If you do log in to your Mac, type your password as usual, but before clicking the Log In button, press the Shift key again and hold it until the Finder loads completely. Taken together, these changes often work around issues caused by software or directory damage on the startup volume. They keep track of things such as. You might see the spinning-disc cursor for a minute or two while your Mac thinks about it — then the icon disappears, and your Mac chimes again and restarts. Remember that your chosen startup disk, time zone, and sound volume are reset to their default values when you zap your PRAM.

So after zapping, open the System Preferences application to reselect your usual startup disk and time zone, and set the sound volume the way you like it.

No startup disk in disk utility

You can download instructions for reinstalling OS X Mavericks here. Call the tech-support hotline. I am having a lot of trouble with this as well. I am running Lion I also tried the commands provided in the comment a few messages below mine and got the same message. I came across this issue yesterday for a client on a MacBook Air.

I tried a few of the options above.

OS X Mavericks For Dummies

Once there, I shut down. I was facing the same problem. Thanks a ton! My Mac has been stuck at startup with the loading bar. Are you backing up regularly with Time Machine or something else? For whatever reason, many readers report that reinstalling without erasing did not work. Hope something here helps. Now I have a message saying that I have missing package and this loops around to coming up with the same message.

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you. Sorry to hear about your troubles with your recent High Sierra installation. Then run disk utility to check your drive. See if this works. This lauches the startup manager. Select your Macintosh HD or whatever you named your drive and see if it boots up normally. I ran the hardware test with no issues. So now it looks like I need to erase my Mac and start over. I did create a hard drive copy. Any help would be much appreciated! Since you successfully created a. If you have access to another Mac, you can check that. Click Verify, then click Done.

My iMac stuck on loading screen. What already done: 1. In this mode hard disc looks good.

When good Macs go bad: Steps to take when your Mac won't start up

Nothing changed. Any ideas???

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Take a look at the article section 4. Using Terminal in Single User mode. Now when I turn it on and off it comes up with a flashing document folder simbol with a question mark in the middle.

What do i do please help! Sorry to hear about your Mac problems with start-up. It sounds like your MacBook Air is not seeing the internal hard drive.

Choose your way to clean install Catalina

Try starting up with Startup Manager and see if it recognizes your hard drive. Hold down the Option key immediately after turning on your MacBook 2. Release the Option key when you see the Startup Manager window 3. Select your startup disk and press Return. Oh well.

How to Perform a Clean Install of ‌macOS Catalina‌

I carried on with my day. With that being said, everything was working just fine, regardless of this error. Then I had packed up my things and went home. It gets stuck. And then the cursor appears—sometimes it disappears. I can movie it around, but the screen is just blue. I have access to nothing. Sorry about your troubles on your older MacBook. Start up in single-user mode by holding Command-S after restarting the computer. Note that single-user mode always uses the US English keyboard layout.

Type these commands, each on a single line followed by Return:. Do you have the installation discs that came with the MB? Keep that key pressed until you see a Welcome Screen. Then run Disk Utility and First Aid from that installation disk. Make sure you click on the Repair Permissions button after repairing your disk.

Hi guys. Internet recovery is the only approach that gets it back working again. It will then work perfectly for about 7 days for the whole issue to repeat. I then need to perform another internet recovery. Disk repair never finds any issues which adds to the mystery. Any advice? Have you tried re-installing macOS onto your HD?

Of course, backup everything first.

estirantankweafen.tk But then try to reinstall macOS when using either internet recovery mode or your onboard recovery partition. Thanks, Liz. I followed your first suggestion that led to internet retrieval globe symbol. It asked me to choose network. But, my 4 year old mbp remained frozen, therefore I could not select the network.. I can get to the Safe Boot screen, however mbp still remains frozen. I will look at the article you suggested. Thanks again for your suggestions. Can you suggest other ideas for a MBP that freezes at start before booting. Other steps in your article did not resolve the problem.

Sorry about your MB troubles. Maintain a hold on these keys until the Apple logo comes on screen. Once your laptop starts up, navigate to Disk Utilities and run First Aid if possible. Give this a try and see if it does start up normally. Safe Mode includes an automatic disk check and repair so it could solve some issues.

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For this, a report from Etrecheck often helps you or a tech identify the problems. Learn more about Etrecheck in this article. It worked after running first aid on my IMac. You rock! Any suggestions? Sorry to hear that! It happened just one week after purchased. By phone Apple Support recommended many of the things you suggested in your article but to no avail. They said to box it back up and they will deliver a replacement. It sounds like you got the one rotten Apple out of the baskets. Thank for your advice.