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May 22, 5, Milwaukee, WI. The file "com. Any clue why?

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Gregg2 said:. Yeah, you're in the wrong folder. Follow the path given above. There are several Library folders on your Mac. DeltaMac macrumors G3.


Jul 30, 9, 2, Delaware. You are likely still in the wrong Library folder. The correct Preferences folder will usually have more than files, often more than a thousand files. If yours has only about 50 or less, you are still in the wrong Library. Follow the directions to go to the Go menu, then press and release the Option key.

You will see the correct Library folder appear in the list, then disappear when you release the Option key. Click on that Library while holding the Option key, and then open the Preferences folder that you find now.

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  5. DeltaMac said:. One more attempt Just as a double-check, if you are in the preferences folder - right-click on the window name. It will show you a list with the folder path to that folder. You'll see the folder name at the top Preferences , then Library , then your user name , then Users , then the name of your hard drive. The folder Users is probably the most important, as you would be inside the Users folder and at least a couple of folders in If the right-click name says only Preferences, then Library, then your hard drive name, then, yes, you are still in the wrong Library folder.

    No, the Mac model makes no difference in the makeup of the folders in your system. If you are not finding that file, you cannot be in the correct folder. The file has to exist. If it gets deleted, the next time you open the app Finder , a new one gets created. That's how it "just works". Maybe, just maybe you need to Restart. If you deleted the file no, it cannot delete itself and have not restarted since, that might be an explanation for what you're not seeing.

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    Jul 6, 1 0. NLISA said:. Also Not showing up for me. Oct 31, 5 0. What's not showing? If you mean the "com.

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    That file will be there, unless you are in the wrong Library folder. Easiest check is to right-click on the folder name in the title bar when you are in the Library folder.

    Thank you for your feedback!

    Should show the path through the Users folder. The Library folder that you want is easy to find. Go to the "Go" menu in the finder. Press your Option key while that menu is open. Click on the Library that appears when you press Option. That's the correct Library folder. The Preferences folder is inside that Library.

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    Tips MacBook Pro models support resolutions ranging from 1, by pixels to 1, by 1, pixels, depending on screen size and configuration. MacBook Air models support resolutions ranging from 1, by pixels up to 1, by pixels, depending on screen size and configuration.

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    Resources 1 Apple: Support. About the Author Julius Vandersteen has been a freelance writer since Accessed 03 November Choose white to reset the background color to, well, white and remove highlighting colors, say set by a filter. Open the folder or smart folder that holds the message or search for it. Make sure the message whose background color you want to reset to white is selected.

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    Click white. Go to the Crayons tab. Click Snow typically in the lower right corner.