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Don't show this again. Computers Reinstall Safari after applying By Topher Kessler. Thanks to MacFixIt reader Artie for the tip on this. Discuss: Reinstall Safari after applying Not sure if Opera patched for the Freak vulnerability, I would have to check the release notes. Quote silvarios Modern Opera requires Posted by: jdc. FF and Chrome were good for me in Assuming you have the latest versions?

Not sure why you are worried about Freak? Unless your home network is insecure? You are vulnerable if you use a web browser that uses a buggy TLS library to connect, over an insecure network, to an HTTPS server that offers export ciphersuites.

Apple Safari

If you use Chrome or Firefox to connect to a site that only offers strong ciphers, you are probably not affected. Last edit at PM by jdc. Quote jdc FF and Chrome were good for me in Wait, a unibody MacBook Pro? Why not upgrade the OS? Freak vulnerability is just another strike against Safari. I'll give Chrome another try. Quote silvarios Wait, a unibody MacBook Pro?

Got a slightly new version of Chrome, seems to be working OK. Need to check on ad blockers for it. Thanks everyone. Collaborative troubleshooting can be much more efficient than individual search engine circular searches Still open to more ideas on browsers or upgrade miracle cures.

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Posted by: JEBB. I suggest you try iCab. It is especially good using less resources on older Macs.

Browsing in Safari Version 4.0 530.8 on 10.6 Build 10A354

Posted by: WHiiP. And it won't really do anything with your DSL blues. Cable is out of the question? Fermentation may have been a greater discovery than fire. Posted by: bobinmurphy. Posted by: Spock. Quote wave rider I like having my two most used gmail accounts open all the time. Posted by: decay. Chromium strips out much of Google's crap from the browser [ www. Quote decay Chromium strips out much of Google's crap from the browser [ www.

google chrome - Fix apple macbook pro - Ask Different

Posted by: Harbourmaster. I use it to monitor more than 40 Gmail accounts to keep tabs on clients. Chrome has higher CPU usage than Safari in Hopefully Chrome is still suitable for you. Firefox still reigns as champion memory and CPU hog! Posted by: DewGuy. Posted by: space-time. Did anyone mention Vivaldi?

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