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In this video he tells us about his long Cubase history. More news.

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Find your local Steinberg dealer. Audio Interfaces. Try Steinberg Software now for 30 days. Content Sets Sequel Content Sets turn Sequel and Cubase into a fully fledged music factory for your favorite music style! Education Steinberg offers a range of products at special education pricing for facilities, educators and students. Host Applications. Pros: A relatively inexpensive device that plugs into any HDMI-equipped television to enable the streaming of audio and video content from an iOS device, from a local Mac or PC or from iTunes for film and television show rentals.

No integrated storage means that it requires a computer running iTunes in order to stream content locally. Pros: An easy way to set up your Mac and your Apple TV to stream audio and video across your local wired or wireless network. Cons: Can only be used with one Apple ID, at a time, on each device. Media content needs to be in certain formats in order to work with iTunes and in order to be streamed to Apple TV.

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Plex bills itself as The solution for your local and online media — is capable of running on a large number of devices, including your Mac. If you have a fairly recent Mac mini, it is possible to plug it directly into an HDMI socket on your television. By running the Plex app, on your Mac Mini, you can switch to the appropriate AV input and use an Apple remote, with your Mac, to control your media content on the television. In order to transmit the audio, you will need to connect a 3.

Plex allows you to watch films, television programmes, listen to music and access other apps all through your television without needing a separate Apple TV. Regardless of whether you have your Mac mini plugged into HDMI on your television, or not, you can still use the Plex client and server apps to view films and television shows, or listen to your music, either on your local network or over the Internet from a remote location to your media server. This means that you can view your films when you are away from home.

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For instance, I was able to watch a film, streaming over the Internet from my Mac mini media server to my iPad, whilst I was staying at a hotel many miles away. You can even share your video and audio library with friends and, if they share theirs with you, stream films from remote Plex libraries. Pros: An excellent solution that encompasses video and audio in a variety of file formats — even those normally incompatible with iOS devices. Cons: Impact on bandwidth charges if you are heavy user on a limited data plan with your ISP. Air Video Server, from inmethod, is an client app for your Mac that allows you to stream videos — in almost any format — to a client app on your iOS device.

It supports live conversion which means that if the videos on your Mac are not compatible with your iOS devices, then Air Video Server will convert them on the fly. Cons: Fairly limited in what it does and, perhaps, redundant if you go down the Plex route which achieves the same and more besides.

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OK, when you buy music you are really only buying a licence to listen to it in certain ways. Instead, you pay a monthly fee for unlimited listening to as many artists as you like, subject to their music being available in Spotify.

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Tip: There is a free version of Spotify that is supported by adverts and is limited to ten hours listening each month. Simply install the Spotify software on your Mac to open up a world of music that enables you to stream music from many artists.

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  • Pros: For a monthly fee of half the cost of a CD, you get access to the music of thousands of artists. Cons: Not all artists are featured. Some tracks from artists that are featured may not be available. Does not support AirPlay to send audio wirelessly to external speakers. This app is a useful addition to Spotify. The purpose of Airfoil is to capture the audio, from specific apps, on your Mac and to AirPlay that audio to other devices — probably an amp or some powered speakers. They include cookies that make it possible to remember your visit to the site during a session or, if you wish, from session to session.

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