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Before you begin, check to make sure both operating systems are updated. Also, check to make sure your network adapters are functioning correctly. Expand Network Adapters; if there is no exclamation sign, then you are ready to go. Click Options then check off your user account.

If you are unable to do this, your iCloud account might be preventing it.

See instructions further down in this article on how to troubleshoot this problem. This article assumes you are using an Ethernet Connection which is the best way to enable things to work. All you need is a CAT5 cable to connect both computers. You can also use a basic network switch or router to connect both machines. Depending on the model of Mac you own, you might need to invest in an Apple Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter ; if there is no built-in Ethernet port. The majority of Windows computers come built in with an Ethernet port; exceptions include Ultrabooks and a 2-in-1 device such as the Microsoft Surface.

Your Windows 10 PC should automatically be mounted. Double click it. Enter your Microsoft Account and password then click Connect. Double-click the Mac icon, and then log in. If you are not able to log in, your iCloud account on the Mac might be preventing you from doing so. If you use your iCloud credentials to log into your Mac, it is unfortunately not compatible with Windows File Sharing for security reasons. The workaround for this is to change your account password. Enter a new password, confirm, restart your Mac and configure Windows File Sharing again.

You can find this in the Network Preference on the Mac. Enter your credentials; you should be able to access your resources. There are still some wrinkles in the network experience between OS X and Windows, but it has certainly gotten better — both from the setup and troubleshooting side. Tried your steps numerous times and each and every case it would come back with incorrect password. I can see the two computers on both the Windows 10 desktop and on my MBP but nothing is shared due to password failure and yet I know for a fact that the passwords are correct.

Tried various workarounds but none were successful although I did not try changing the iCloud password. That became a bridge too far……..

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Map a Network Drive on a Mac

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Map a Network Drive in OS X (Mac) Permanently

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If you want to access general files, Documents will be more useful. I was able to access the server at work with your instructions. You saved my life! Thank you so much!

What is a network drive used for?

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