Apple mac charger cable not working

Please advise. My mac will charge but stay at the same percentage and the light for it doesnt shine it didnt work for me. It says not charging for me but will always stay at 15 percent. Thank you so much for your article- all I had to do was clean up the charging port because there was an accumulation of dust in there. I used a toothpick and a damp paper towel and swivelled around for a few minutes picked up a lot of dust… and it worked!! My MBP is dead.

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I believe there was a electrical spike at some time. Any help would be appreciated. Tried everything in the article. Thanks soooo much!! I didnt get you. When to unplug and when are we supossed to plug it in again? Help me pls :. Thanks very much guys — this is great — it worked first time nothing ever works first time for me I am so happy :. None of the tricks noted above are working. I have switched out adapter for cord, still not working. My port adapter lights up green for about seconds after leaving out of computer for 5 minutes or so- then quickly goes off.

What next?

Your MacBook Is Plugged In But Not Charging? Fix

Mine does the same. Leave it unplugged for 10 mins and when i plug it back in it lights up for 10 seconds and light goes out again. I was with you until you said a failing MagSafe is a rare occurrence. I repair them for a living, which means cutting them and re-soldering the internal frayed connection.

I have tried all these and its still not working. The charger socket on my computer is dented. Is that the problem? Do I have to get that fixed at a computer shop for it to charge again? I tried this and it did nothing. Tried it again and it worked. Anyway, thank you very much for this!

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Thank you soo much!! None of those things worked for my MacbookAir. I still have a green light lit on the charger and the Macbook Air will not come on. I tried all the tricks suggested but nothing worked. I then went to borrow a cord from a friend and it was charging fine, so I thought it must be my MagSafe.

Check power

However, when I got home and plugged in it was working fine. Maybe the leaving for mins worked but I was unaware because I took it away and came back, and the MagSafe did sort itself out as indicated.

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  8. Will see next if this is the case. Worked for me, too! Almost fell in hopelessness already. Unplugged from walk and disconnected charger from computer for about min.

    Plugged everything back in and orange light came on!! Quickest fix ever!

    Managing problems with Apple's MacBook power adapters - CNET

    Who knew a little debris could mess up the connection that bad? Thank you for the simple yet effective advice! If the wire ever starts to break apparently this is common with apple cords, you can use a simple repair kit to fix the cable. Cleaned the port, tried a different connector adaptor, different outlet, and switched outlets — still not working. What if my battery is completely dead.

    And I only have the icon on the black screen indicating a low bat and icon to charge battery…. It was the debris btw, I was scared to dungus reading all the bs about hardware malfunction and heating up the charger… phew, dodged a bullet there. Appreciate it bruh, a real lifesaver :. Heating the tip with a blow dryer works!!!! Same problem for me, but a different solution….

    The white transformer box that is part of the charge cord, halfway between the laptop and the power outlet, was the problem. Check that the removable sliding part, about 20mm x 10mm x 10mm is seated right against the main white case. Cheers, Ross. This worked for me! My macbook charging only on sleep or shutdown mode, I did all 3 steps , replaced the new battery but nothing workout ,.

    If you guys, using some kind of adapter — check the adapter for problems and push it to outlet harder. This works for me. For me it was the small, copper colored, prongs in the magnetic attachment on the adapter. After reconnecting the light showed again and it began charging. Strange issue.

    Thanks so much for the very helpful and informative guide. I noticed there was a piece of metal in the magnet area so the chord would not fully stick to the magnet. I got the metal piece out and sure enough the light came on in the charging chord. Thank you!!! Hi, I found this site because my magsafe stopped working. No light and no charge.

    After reading solutions, I remembered putting a harddrive in the freezer before to make it work, so, I put my magsafe in the freezer for approximately 10 mins.

    Hope this will help some of you too. Fantastic, thought I cleaned the magnetic connection, but after reading this I really scraped it clean with a tooth pic and it fixed the problem — there were minuscule bits of metal shards — say from my Bobbie pins. Onur, thank you! That totally worked for me. I was transferring from one outlet to another, adjusting here and there. Then, i read your post. So i waited for minutes. Plugged it back and perfect! Thank you so much! You have just made me a believer.

    Reset the SMC and now a computer that has been dead for 3 days is charging again.