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By automatically recognising new devices, Network Topology Mapper keeps up with your environment even if it changes. SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper is a tool best suited to mid-to-large organizations. It has all the core features needed to map a large number of devices.

What is a Network Map?

Its autodiscovery prowess can keep track of even the most complex network infrastructure. There is also a day free trial that you can download from this link here. Next up we have LanFlow.

LanFlow is a network mapper for Windows that is packed to the brim with potential. All you need to do to begin creating your network diagram is to drop in your network elements. The specialist network topology diagrams make this a better pick than more generic diagram tools that can be used to stand in as network mapping tools.

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This is particularly true when it comes to image quality. Every diagram available on LanFlow is vector-based. Vector images are a welcome addition because they can be upscaled and downscaled without becoming distorted or unclear. After dragging them to their correct location you can group objects together to start introducing your real-life layout to the mix as well. In most cases you will opt to group objects together through the use of the Connectors tab. Overall LanFlow is an excellent choice for organizations on a low budget looking to construct professional network diagrams.

Though the lack of an autodiscovery feature makes it unsuitable for large organizations with complex infrastructure, it can perform very well within most enterprise level networks. A free trial of LanFlow can be downloaded from this link here. NetProbe is a network monitoring tool that is commonly used on account of its network mapping features. This is a Windows-based tool which works by scanning devices and allowing you to produce graphical renditions of your service quality categorising devices at one of three stages: Ok, Warning and Critical. Ease of use is something that the designers behind NetProbe have kept firmly in mind.

The startup wizard helps you to kickstart the process of designing your network without bombarding you with too many complex instructions. As a network monitoring tool, NetProbe also allows you to scan your network before displaying the devices for editing. This is a substantial drawback because it makes it difficult to zoom in on complicated areas of your technical infrastructure.

We recommend NetProbe for administrators working on Windows looking for a healthy mix of network mapping and monitoring. Given that many administrators will keep their topology guides close at hand when inspecting network elements, NetProbe can be very useful in this capacity. There are a number of different pricing options available for NetProbe.

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The Standard Version can be downloaded from this link here. Microsoft Visio is the most well-known network mapping tool on this list. Visio has served as the inspiration for many network topology tools over the past few years. Microsoft Visio operates as a tailor-made topology mapping tool as much as a generic diagram construction tool. This platform has become popular precisely on account of its ability to detail complex network setups with striking visual clarity.

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The user interface and the diagrams themselves look particularly pristine. This is disappointing because an administrator would have to attempt to map a large network from scratch before having an operational topology guide. That being said, you can achieve this through the use of an add-on called Visio Connector for Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer. However, the lack of an autodiscovery feature remains a missed opportunity for Visio as a whole.

Administrators looking for a polished and reliable network mapping tool would be well advised to consider Microsoft Visio. Microsoft Visio standard can be downloaded from this link here. Next up on our list we have Lucidchart. Lucidchart is an online network mapping software tool with a variety of features that allows you to start creating your network from scratch with the help of one of the onboard templates. This helps you to lay the foundations before moving on to customise your topology in line with your actual physical environment.

As an online application Lucidchart is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

How to map a network drive on Mac?

Lucidchart has become a popular tool because of its depth. Lucidchart has diagrams for a staggeringly wide range of network infrastructure from the basics right through to newer systems and cloud services. All you need to do to use the service is to log on to your online account. You can even tag members of your team to respond to any questions you have about how to fix certain issues or make any improvements.

There are a number of pricing options available for Lucidchart.

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You can sign up to use Lucidchart for free via this link here. When it comes to minimalist network mapping software, Intermapper is a solid option. Intermapper is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux and provides users with the ability to map their network through the use of SNMP scans. In a matter of minutes, you can start creating a map of your network environment that drills right down to the minutiae of your active infrastructure.

Intermapper also functions as a network monitoring tool as well. You receive notifications when particular devices are in a critical state or exhibit problematic behaviour. You also receive notifications once a new device has been connected to your network. Together these features make it easy to use your network map to actively maintain your network.

One standout feature of Intermapper is that of summary maps. Summary maps group particular groups of devices together so that they can be viewed in isolation if needed. For example, if you need to analyze devices within a physical site, then a summary map will allow you to do this. This reduces the amount of time needed to sift through your devices and allows you to conduct more efficient monitoring. Some are open source, and others are proprietary software. The table below lists pieces of proprietary commercial software that allow creating mind and concept maps.

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