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So I downloaded it and I instantly regret it. In order to use the app to its full creative extent, I have to pay unnecessary money. I have an even more limited amount of filters than when I first downloaded the app, and I can barely even get through editing a picture without so many ads popping up. I would have considered the continual use of it bad there been an upfront price I could pay instead of a subscription.

They have options to purchase filters and the prices are manageable. A waste of space on my phone.

Hi there Madi! We're really sorry that you haven't had a great experience with us. The app is free to download and we do offer basic editing features with a free account. The premium upgrade will give you full access to ALL of our editing tools and filters, including our beauty tools section. In order for us to offer the app without any external 3rd party ads, we've integrated a subscription model.

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We apologize if you aren't satisfied with the free features on the app and hope that you see the value in upgrading to a premium subscription if you're looking to edit with our premium features. However, I will share all of your concerns with the rest of the team, we always appreciate feedback from our users - and we are always trying to improve, so this kind of feedback is really important for us. If you have any further questions, concerns or even more feedback - please do not hesitate to contact us at instasize munkee. Honestly I love using this app!

It gives me the option of using soo many things for free! I would however love if their were more backgrounds available Keep up the good work!

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