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It manages inventory at the ingredient level, and its purchase-ordering system can automatically reorder supplies. Using Dinlr Table, your guests can place their own orders from iPad menus at each table. It has traditional, accelerated and self-checkout systems, as well as mobile and e-commerce solutions.

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Features include inventory, purchase ordering, loyalty, gift cards, reporting and multi-store management. It supports automated assembly systems, emails customers when pick up is ready and has a Driver Mobile App for dry cleaning delivery and laundry routes. It integrates with top payment processors, accounting and email marketing software and social media platforms. Epos Now offers full-featured POS systems for retail and hospitality businesses.

The company has its own app store, where you can find more than 80 integrations for the business solutions you already use, including account, booking and loyalty programs. Erply Erply is a cloud-hybrid POS software for retailers that can be used by independent stores as well as large chains.

Why do smart retailers love Vend’s Mac POS system?

It runs on iPads and Android tablets, as well as any device with a browser. In addition to its register features, it has inventory management tools, timeclock, loyalty program, Enterprise Resource Planning ERP and CRM solutions built right into the software. Franpos Franpos, formerly iConnect, is a cloud-based franchise POS system that works with businesses in the beauty, retail and quick-service restaurant industries. Features include inventory, purchase ordering, booking, online ordering, loyalty programs, employee management and reporting.

It runs on Android tablets and integrates with third-party software. In addition to processing sales, GiftLogic can help you manage inventory, generate purchase orders and run reports. With its built-in CRM software, you can create customer accounts, track purchase histories and offer a rewards programs.

GiftLogic also comes with a full-featured inventory management tool that has automatic reordering and discount scheduling. It has integrations for e-commerce, loyalty programs and accounting software. Its hardware options include credit card machines, wireless card readers, electronic cash registers and POS systems. It also offers touch tone credit card processing and integration with Yahoo Store Merchant accounts. We say "free" because, although you don't have to pay for the hardware, you sign a multiyear contract and pay a monthly POS software fee, along with fees for Harbortouch's processing service.

It also provides installation services and tech support. Imonggo Imonggo is a retail POS system with a free plan for startups and very small businesses, specifically those with fewer than 1, inventory items that sell 1, products or less per month.

A paid plan that supports an unlimited number of products and transactions is also available. Imonggo is web-based, so you can access it anytime, anywhere, from any browser. Features include inventory management, sales analytics, digital receipts and loyalty programs. Instore Instore is an all-in-one iPad POS system for restaurants, cafes, bakeries, delis, bars and retail businesses with one or multiple locations.

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With it, you can take orders and accept payments from anywhere in your store, manage your menu or product catalog, analyze sales data, track inventory, issue gift cards, and customize receipts with coupons and special offers. Kounta Kounta is a POS system that works with both Android tablets and iPads, and can be used by hospitality businesses such as restaurants, cafes, bars, food retailers and hotels.

It includes a strong mix of features, and integrations are available so you can connect to other business programs or augment the system's capabilities. There's no lengthy contract requirement for this system, and it's compatible with third-party hardware. Lightspeed is a full-featured, cloud-based iPad POS system that offers solutions for retail, restaurant and online businesses.

Both versions have a rich assortment of back-office tools to help you manage your business, with inventory, purchase ordering, reporting and CRM features. The retail version has preloaded catalogs and supports product variants, and the restaurant version has menu, table and self-order tools. In addition to register features, it has customer and employee management, inventory and reporting tools.

It has an app marketplace and its own API, giving you plenty of options to fully customize the software. It has a user-friendly back office with a dashboard that makes it easy to access sales analytics, track inventory, manage employees and launch marketing campaigns. Loyverse can be used by retail stores, salons, restaurants and cafes. It has solutions for both full- and quick-service restaurants, as well as pizzerias, bars and nightclubs.

MicroBiz MicroBiz is retail POS software that can be used by many store types, including clothing, sports, toy, pet, garden, repair, liquor and vape shops, with single or multiple locations. Cloud- and Windows-based versions of the software are available, so you can store your data in the cloud or onsite. It integrates with QuickBooks and Magento. It runs on Windows-based hardware, including full-service Microsoft tablets, and integrates with QuickBooks. Cloud hosting is available for a monthly fee if you prefer not to manage a local server. It supports omnichannel sales and has tools for inventory management, tiered pricing, purchase ordering, and analytics, as well as email marketing and customer loyalty programs.

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This system is available from resellers, who provide installation, custom programming, training, support and cloud-hosted solutions. It offers different versions of its POS software for retailers, restaurateurs and service providers. It has dual touchscreens, a cash drawer, a scanner and a receipt printer. The software includes register features, vendor and inventory management, reporting, and a loyalty program.

What is Point of Sale Software?

There's no contract requirement for this system, and the company can set up your payment processing, or you can work with the processor of your choice. Although its focus is hospitality businesses, it can also be used by salons and retail stores. With it, you can take orders tableside, track inventory at an ingredient level, manage customers, offer loyalty promotions and generate reports. It has tableside, online and kiosk ordering solutions, supports multiple menus and happy hour, and has cloud-based reporting so you can accomplish back of house tasks anywhere you have browser access.

Ordyx Ordyx is a POS system for restaurants with single or multiple locations. It tracks inventory and generates reports, has online ordering and delivery features. It also has a customer loyalty program and it integrates with several accounting, payroll, property management, email marketing applications. The company also offers payment processing through PAR Pay. Pathfinder Pathfinder's POS system is designed to give businesses data and insights based on purchases. Users can automate the process of data collection while also measuring variables like revenue share.

It offers a variety of POS software, hardware and processing options and works with many business types, including retail and grocery stores, vape shops, full- and quick-service restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Peripherals such as barcode scanners and scales are also available.

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It includes employee management, access control and reporting features. It also supports third-party loyalty programs that allow you to reward customers. PayPal Credit Card Processing PayPal lets businesses of all sizes, including startups and microbusinesses, accept credit cards with minimal application requirements. It's affordable, has transparent pricing and terms, and is easy to use for both in-person and online transactions.

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It also integrates with many POS systems and shopping carts. The company partners with software vendors ISVs , system integrators Sis and value-added resellers VARs in many industries, including retail, healthcare, hospitality, kiosk, gaming and manufacturing. Features include customer profiles, tab and table management, age identification, inventory tracking, time cards and payroll reports.

It has automatic happy hour pricing, item and check discounting and you can send orders to the kitchen printer or the service bar. It also has an integrated music feature that you can use to create playlists for your establishment. Posandro Posandro is an Android POS system built primarily for restaurants and other food-based businesses, though it can also be used for retail stores. It's affordable, has no lengthy contract requirement, is compatible with third-party POS hardware and has a good selection of features.

There's only one payment processor integration, though you can use the system alongside your processor of choice. Pose Pose is a cloud-based POS system that can be used in stores, cafes, booths and salons and by service providers working on location. It's a web-based system, so you can access Pose on any browser, whether you prefer to use a desktop computer, laptop or tablet a native iPad app is also available.

This system gives you a lot of flexibility, so you can take your POS system with you anywhere you go. The system includes inventory management and menu features. According to the company's website, setting up the service can take as little as 15 minutes. This cloud-based iPad POS system is packed with features, such as inventory management that supports up to 10, items and 2 million SKUs, sales analytics that helps you identify buying trends, and customer engagement tools that help you understand your customers.

Besides accepting credit cards and processing sales, QuickBooks POS lets you manage inventory, nurture customer relationships and perform other tasks to manage your business.