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Cam thdy moi met, chung tOi an sam v. Khu riL;lg gia aay tran ngfj. Titng dpng nay di qua tieng dong khdc 19i den, ghe ron han: tieng trong cua nguai ban xu. Va tung phut trsi qua, tieng trong nhu cang gdn han Tdt cd chang toi an lanh trong Sf! Roi ciing dtjt llg jt nhu khi bat ddu, tieng an ao chdm dut. Chung toi dU 1c bdo dong.

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Gia day chung tol biit reing nhiing nguoi 35 ban xU 44 TJhin thay chung toi va rang chung toi se bi tan congo Trong tinh ainh nhu thi chung toi khong thi nao ngu dutrc. Cai chit co thi ain bat crr Irk nIm. M6i phUt ITo; qua dai nhu mot gio; nhung trong Sf! Thi r6i th jt b4t ngu, chung toi thay minn bi bao vay boi nhiing th6 dan chi mac qua". Nhdn thay chung toi co thi lam ban vtri nguxri th6 dim bling cacb nay, thdy gido chung toi biiu cho ann ta vai aiiu thu6c nita.

Nguoi dan ong rat hai long viti Sf! Sau khi cdc th6 dan ngimg hat, ho ra hieu rling ho rat thtcb lam ban voi chung toi.

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Khodng m jt gia sau do ho tam biet chung to; voi nu cum tren gutmg mdt. I, however, had this opportunity one day when I went with my father into a forest, in search of some wild plants. I had never been to a forest before. Therefore, whatever I saw in that forest interested me greatly.

I looked at the rich vegetation all round as well as the variety of colourful flowers and birds, large and small.

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I saw the activity of some of the wild creatures, such as snakes, squirrels and insects. Occasionally, I heard the cry of some strange animal in pain, perhaps while being eaten by a larger animal. I also heard some. Such things, I knew, were natural to the forest. My father whose only interest was in the type of plants he wanted for my mother's garden, however, paid little attention to the sounds and 36 movements in these green depths2. He continued his search for more and more of those plants until we reached one of the banks of a large river in the forest.

There we stopped for a while to enjoy the sights around. The scene was peaceful.

Charles, Thân vương xứ Wales

Then, to our surprises and horror, we saw a tiger on the other side of the river. It was moving quietly and cautiously3 towards the water for a drink. A hush4 fell upon the jungle. My father and I were now too frightened to move from there. However, as the tiger put its mouth into the river there was a sudden swirf of the waters, and before the tiger could rush out, it was seized by a huge crocodile.

The tiger's howl6 of pain and anger filled7 me and my father with terror'. Yet we waited there to see the end of the struggle between these two lords of the forest and the river. The crocodile had the advantage from the beginning.

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It used all its strength to pull the tiger deeper into the water, and the tiger too fought desperately to free itself from the jaws of the merciless" reptileslO; but the tiger soon gave up the struggle and all was quiet again. I now felt pity for the tiger which had died just to slake its thirst". Then, my father reminded me of the narrow escape that we had ourselves had. If the tiger had been on this side of the river, one of. And as we were returning home, I began to think of the struggle for life and savagery12 that lurks! Tuy nhien toi dil tung co co hr;5i nay vao mot ngay 1U , khi cung vai br5 to; vao rimg dd tim cay dai.

Truac do, toi chua baa gio buac chan vao rung. To; nhin nhiing loai thao moe sum xue a khap noi ciing nhu nhiing loai hoa co va chim muong lim nho sr,'ic sCi du mau. Thinh thoang toi nghe tling keu cua mot loai thu la bi thuong, co Ie lil bi mot can thu Ion han an thit. Ong mai me tim them nhidu cay dai cho din khi cluing toi din ben btr mot can song Ian trong rung, Chung tiJi dung lai do mot clu5c di ngam canh vdt xung quanh.

Khung canh. Tuy nhien, khi can h6 cui sau xu6ng mat song, bat ngo mot xody nuac xong [en va, khong kip chay thoas. Tidng ru dau don va gidn du' cua can lu5 Lam t6i va cha toi hit S';tC kinh hoang, Nhung chang fiji van dung di xem kit C1jC cua trdn quyet chiin giiia hal loai chua Ii cua rung xanh va song nuoc. Can cd sau co loi thd ngay til' luc ddu.

Có vẻ như thị phi vẫn không ngừng đeo bám vợ của anh Triệu Hoa Cương.

No dung hit sue keo con h f xuong nuac, va can h6 ciing chitn dau mot each tuyet V Jllg dd thoat khoi ham can ca sdu tan bao. Luc do tr5i cam thay dang thuong cho can h6 bi chit chi VI khat nuac. Thd r6i eha toi nlu1c toi nha din su thodt clld! Niu can hc5 a bo song ben nay, han La mot trong hai chung toi dii chdt 38 nhu con h6, nan nhdn cua loai thu khat mau. The usefulness of libraries in the spread of knowledge has been proved through the years.

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  • The field of knowledge is so extensive and life is so brief that even the most avid'' reader can never expect to absorb it all. Those who have a love for knowledge, therefore, try to master only a small fraction" of it. Even this requires reading of hundreds of books, cheap and expensive, new and old. But few people are able to buy all the books on the subject in which they wish to attain proficienci. It is therefore necessary for them to visit a good library, where they can read a great variety of books on the subject they love. Besides, many old and valuable books on certain subjects are found only in a good library.

    Even the original manuscript6 of an author, who died several years ago, can be found in it, sometimes.


    Today, men everywhere have discovered the benefits of learning. More and more books are being written to extend human knowledge and experience. Governments and individuals throughout the world are, therefore, opening more and more libraries to enable people to read as many books as possible. Libraries have been opened even in the remotest regions of the earth, so that people who are unable to buy books from the towns can still gain access to' the various sources of knowledge. Mobile libraries serve the people in various parts of the earth. The importance of libraries, however, is felt most acutely7 by students in schools and universities, where most students are engaged in deep studies.

    The number of books that a student has to study, especially at a university, is so large that unless he comes from a rich family, he can hardly buy them all. Besides, many of the books may not be available in the book-shops within his reach. It is therefore to his advantage to visit a good library. In short, libraries have contributed so much to the extension of knowledge that they have become almost indispensablelO to aiterate men! Vi vt;iy no co suc quyen rii dij. Canb a6ng cua tri thuc thi qua rong va cuoc dOi thi qua ngdn cho nen ngay cci nhiing d6c gia tham lam nhat ciing dung bao gia- mong rang se doc duoc tat ca.

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    Vi thi, nhimg nguai yeu min tri thirc chi ndm vimg mot phdn nao do ma thoi. Mi: chi thi thoi ciing phdi doc hang tram quyen sdch, re va ddt, mai va cu. Nhung t ai co thi mua tat cd nhiing quyen sacb ve chuyen mon rna ho mu6n thanh thao. Vi thJ ho cdn phdi din thu vien noi ho co thi doc thdt nhidu sach ve chu dd yeu thich.

    Han nita nhidu quyJn sach quf gid chi co trong thu 40 vien.

    Doi khi ca mot ban thao nguyen g6c cua mot tac gia qua doi eden aay viii nam ciing co thi tim thdy trong thu vien. Ngiiy nay can nguai a khdp noi aa phdt hien ra lai ich cua viec hoc tdp.

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    Ngay cang co nhiJu cu6n sacb duac viit eli rna rong kiin thuc vii kinh nghiem can nguoi.