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As to bad sectors, there are two kinds, one is physically bad and one is logically bad. If physically bad, it is unrepairable unless you replace it with a new disk. Otherwise, it can be repaired. Read a little further and get the solutions for hard disk bad sector repair and hard drive data recovery.

With technology advancing, most of bad sectors can be fixed. In this section, we provide two ways to help you fix bad sectors on hard drive that are damaged logically.

10 Worst Mac Hard Disk Drive Problem with Solutions

Windows computer comes with a native hard disk check and scan tool for each of us, that's CHKDSK, also known as scandisk. It generally scans and repairs bad sectors simultaneously. When it finished, the bad sectors are repaired. By the way, if you want to fix file system error at the same time, you also can check the option. There may be a situation that it reminds you it can't be repaired because the disk is using now. Usually it's disk C: Then you can choose to repair it automatically when you start your computer next time.

General speaking, bad sectors can be fixed in the solution above. However, it also always happens that the bad sectors appear again when you use your computer next time, and you have to fix it again. If you have encountered this, you can choose to use a professional bad sector repair tool to fix it completely at one time. Wondershare Liveboot can be a nice choice. Its bootable CD provides a purely clean environment, and makes you fix bad sectors on hard drive completely with one click. If your computer can't boot normally, this could be a better choice.

Now, follow the below steps on how to repair hard disk bad sectors. Whent the checking and repairing finish, restart your computer, and you will not need to fix this again the next time you use your computer. Moreover, Wondershare LiveBoot can also help to boot your PC when it's crashed or seriously damaged, such as black screen, blue screen of death, freezing, etc.

If you can not repair bad sectors well and you did not backup hard drive data habitually, the data present on the hard drive with bad sectors is susceptible to loss and damage. As luck would have it, a hard drive data recovery tool can help you get the lost, deleted, formatted or damaged files back from bad sector hard drive.

The best recommendation for the hard drive recovery job is Recoverit data recovery. As professional external hard drive recovery software, this tool can help you recover data from hard drive with bad sectors or any other hard drive errors. This video tutorial is devoted to the external hard drive recovery with Recoverit Data Recovery.

Watch the video and take the steps to get your data back in the least possible time. If your hard drive with bad sectors is an external data storage device. You can follow the next steps to recover lost data from external hard drive. If it is an internal hard disk, the steps are similar.

You can also turn to the guide, Recover Data from Hard Drive with Bad Sectors , to get the full solution for recovering data from internal hard disk with bad sectors. Step 1 Download and install Recoverit hard drive recovery on your computer. Launch it and select a data recovery mode to start retrieve data from hard drive.

To recover data from hard drive, you can select " External Devices Recovery " mode to start. Step 2 Make sure your hard drive has connected with the computer, and click "Next" button to process. Step 3 Please select your target hard drive disk to find data. Here, you should choose the hard disk with bad sectors and click "Start" button to start scanning data. Step 4 Recoverit will start a quick scan to search your lost data on hard drive, you can simply preview some recoverable files after the scan.

If you cannot find your lost files, you can go to scan agian with " All-Around Recovery " mode. It wil help you to search more files from hard drive, but it will take more time. Step 5 After scanning, all recoverable files on hard drive will be shown in the window. You just need to select data you need and click " Recover " to save them on your computer.

This blog summarizes the 10 worst Mac hard drive and SSD data loss problems with recovery solutions.

Suspect your Hard Disk is in need of Repair?

The mentioned storage drive cases in this blog address to USB, Flash storage drive, external hard drive as well. Keep these handy in situations of crisis. When you connect an external hard drive to Mac, it mounts and shows on the desktop. It also appears in Finder. However, sometimes, the disk can fail to mount when you connect it. If none of these work, there might be something wrong with your hard drive.

Try to backup your hard drive in question via Disk Utility or a third-party cloning utility so that later, you can erase and reformat the drive with a new file system. Age and continuous usage can slow a Mac down. Additionally, a lot of other factors can contribute to degrading Mac performance like hard drive becoming too full, macOS being outdated, crowded startup, too many apps running in the background, hardware issues, etc.

Taking out the time and patience to manually clean up Mac hard drive and perform other tune-up tasks can easily get frustrating. Thus, avoid all hassle and try Stellar SpeedUp Mac. This product automatically removes system junks, large unused files, duplicates, old apps, and unused login items from Mac hard drive with the click of a button.

How to Fix a Corrupt Mac Harddrive in 10.8

Mac hard drive S. There still might be hope for your hard drive. In order to cover all recovery chances from your end, follow these steps:. If none of these steps works, you may need to repair or replace your hard drive with a new one. Related Topic: While trying to perform partition resizing or reformatting operations, many users report accidentally deleting their partitions having important data.

Also, due to issues such as partition table damage, technical issues with the drive, bad sectors, or virus attack, one or more hard drive partitions can get accidentally deleted. Moreover, if volume s on your Mac fails to mount, then this software will help recover the volume data smoothly. Find Deleted Partitions on macOS. The platters are quite delicate and are easily damaged by the slightest jerk or drop.

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If you hear clicking noise emanating from your Mac hard drive when you try to boot up your Mac, that could mean your hard drive has suffered physical damage. DO NOT attempt to open it up and mess around since that could further the damage and lead to permanent loss of the data contained in it. When this happens, you may also be unable to erase or partition the drive. This mainly happens because the boot drive has been modified somehow or it is being used by some other process or application. This can be done in one of the following ways:.

Fix bad blocks on Mac hard disk - Super User

Doing so will recreate new HFS file structure on the hard drive, which will be free from cryptic errors. However, every encryption works in conjunction with a decryption key which is used to decrypt or unlock the data before it can be accessed. Mostly, this decryption key is a password chosen by you.

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In the event that you lose or forget your encryption password, you might lose access to your data permanently. First make really sure you are typing in the password correctly. Turn off the Caps Lock and choose the Show Password option just to be double sure. Data loss from any hard drive is inevitable.

With powerful algorithms allowing the software to scan for recoverable data on your Mac hard drive, this software to recover deleted files from Mac is the best bet you have to recoup all your missing data. You might suspect that your Mac hard drive has started developing bad sectors if it throws any nasty errors saying so or if some information suddenly starts to go missing. Performing hard drive partitioning operations is fairly simple using Disk Utility. But in some cases, Disk Utility fails to create partitions on Mac hard drive or perform other related partitioning operations.

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There you go! But if you have the help of trustworthy applications from Stellar Data Recovery, you can easily overcome the issues of Mac hard drive not mounting, SSD not recognized on Mac, data recovery for Mac including the best Mac data recovery tool. Vishal is a data recovery expert Stellar addressing several data loss scenarios on a macOS system.

He loves to read autobiographies and his personal favourite is of Steve Jobs. View More. Being a reputed Video photographer in my city. My MacBook is always filled with lots of stuff. Although I optimize it regularly, but still Mac slow down hampers my work. The software mentioned in the post can prove to be miracle for me. Hi i am using my ssd hard disk like external connecting like usb pen drive due to cable problem inside macbook , Is this cause any problem? Also, the drive should not have any logical or physical damage.

I am not sure what to do, please advice the solution.